Clips and pics of Pete Thomas playing jazz

Gonzalo Bergara Quartet & Leah Zeger at Festival Fontainebleau

Jul 2019


A short clip of the Gonzalo Bergara Quintet playing

on the TSF Jazz station in Paris, France - July 2019
(imperfect sound quality - scroll down for better examples)


Three pics of the Nocturne Trio performing

Green Note, Camden - June 2019


The Nocturne Trio perform at Green Note, Camden

(in three parts, starting at the top)

June 2019


Gypsy jazz and swing band Latchepen's 2019 summer tour

(Click for larger version on Instagram)


The celebrated Gonzalo Bergara Quintet is back on tour this July!

Scroll down to hear them in play and check Upcoming Gigs for dates


The Harry Diplock Quartet play The Peacocks
March Manouche Festival 2019

The Gonzalo Bergara Quintet bring their Django meets Piazzola tour to Jazz Festivals in the Isle of Wight, Dundee, Hull and Torino

November 2018


Matt Holborn, Michael J Harris, Harry Diplock, Pete Thomas, Giacomo Smith and Kourosh Kanani at Kansas Smitty's, Jun 2018


The Todesco Trio at Le QueCumbar and in Battersea Park

May 2018


The Diminished Quartet play Swing for Ninine by Romane

(with special guest Tim Robinson) - March 2018

Two gypsy jazz gigs with the Paul Gregory Ensemble

to get the year started at Le Quecumbar


Ultrafaux and friends play Michael Joseph Harris's Dame Ivre

Swansea Jazzland - Jun 2017


Ultrafaux and friends perform Lionhouse Blues and Minor Blues

by Django Reinhart at Swansea Jazzland - Jun 2017


Ultrafaux and friends play Django Reinhart's Les Yeux Noirs & Dinette

Le QuecumBar Jun 2017


Jazz, folk and swing band Ultrafaux and friends at Le QuecumBar,

Jun 2017 (click pics to enlarge)


A short clip from Swing Fromage's debut at Le QuecumBar


Gypsy swing quartet Swing Fromage's debut (click pics to enlarge)

Le QuecumBar, London - March 2017


Swing Fromage perform their version of Les Yeux Noir (Nov 2016)

Their live debut is on March 19th 2017 with an EP soon to follow


The Diminished Quartet plays the Victor Young classic

Sweet Sue (Just You) - August 2016


Poster for a gypsy jazz jam at the Global Café, Reading

featuring Pete Thomas & Jordie Weetman of the Diminished Quartet