Clips and pics of Pete Thomas playing folk music

Bluegrass Today interview with The Vanguards
Bluegrass Beyond Borders:

England’s Vanguards take their name seriously

Sep 2023


Benji Kirkpatrick and the Excess play
Barefaced Lies, The Magic Square and Fire by the Lake
Ripon Arts Hub, April 2023


Benji Kirkpatrick and the Excess new line-up, Autumn 2022
drummer Joelle Barker joins Benji and Pete

The Vanguards appearing in The Bluegrass Standard

link to article
October 2022


The Vanguards perform a track, Crocus Valley Breakdown from

their new album South of the River at The Long Road festival

August 2022


Benji Kirkpatrick played his acoustic interpretations

of Jimi Hendrix's songs, accompanied by Pete Thomas

on Friday, September 18th 2020

to mark 50 years since the great man's death

(start from 4.30)


New songs by Benji Kirkpatrick and the Excess...

Hiring Fair and Barefaced Lies were recorded despite the

group being separated by Covid-19

Jul-Aug 2020


Performing from home (Jun 2020):

Our personal version of the celtic song: Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór

Pete Thomas on bouzouki, Andrea Todesco on guitar

and Miriam Gallea on mandolin


Benji Kirkpatrick and the Excess are the guests on the

Tom Robinson Show, BBC6 Music

Feb 2020


Benji Kirkpatrick and the Excess in play ahead of their

Spring 2020 Gold Has Worn Away tour + poster for the same

See the Upcoming Gigs page for details.


Gold Has Worn Away by Benji Kirkpatrick & the Excess

is getting rave reviews - see the Discography page for links.

Here is the track In Your Cave (top) and a rehearsal session.

Watch the Upcoming Gigs page for details of their 2020 tour.